The Best Way to Organize Clothes in Drawers

The best way to organize clothes in drawers is to group items by category, so it’s easy to find them. This method also saves space. You can combine several categories in a single drawer if space is an issue. When choosing categories, think of the types of clothing you usually wear, or categories that go together naturally.

File folding

Folding your clothes in a file is an easy way to make drawers less cluttered. It also helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free. By keeping your drawers tidy, you can easily take out items that you don’t need. Moreover, you will be able to see exactly what’s in your drawer without having to dig through the pile.

First, determine how long your shirts are and then file fold them accordingly. This will give you enough room to reach your clothes without having to bend over. After that, make sure you leave room for wiggle room. Next, take note of the vertical depth. The height of the drawer will influence the length of your folded clothes. You may need to adjust your folding style accordingly to fit your drawer.

Folding your clothes into small rectangles is another way to keep them organized. You can also store them vertically in the drawers. This will not only give you easy access to all of your items, but will also free up more space. This is the best way to organize clothes in drawer.

Another way to organize clothes in drawers is by color. This will make the drawers look cleaner and make it easier to stay organized. In addition, you should keep in mind that certain items should be hung up and others should be put into a bag. Some items, like silk and expensive sweaters, are best stored in a bag because they tend to wrinkle easily.

Sorting by type of clothing

One of the easiest ways to organize your drawers is by sorting by type of clothing. The standard dresser with eight drawers is the best choice for this purpose. By sorting your clothes by type, you’ll find it easier to find the pieces you need quickly. This method also helps you keep your drawers organized.

Once you’ve sorted by type, you can organize by purpose and color. For example, if you’re a gym-goer, you can keep your workout clothing together with your gym shorts. You can also keep daily socks and shapewear together. You can also group items by season or how you dress.

Organizing by occasion

One simple way to stay organized in your drawers is to organize your clothes by occasion. For example, if you wear uniforms, you can keep shirts on one side of the drawer and pants on the other. You can use a drawer divider to keep these separate. This method is ideal for people who wear several different outfits throughout the day.

Organizing clothes by occasion will help you save space in your closet. You can set aside the best outfits for the week and make sure they match. You can also sort accessories by occasion, such as jewelry, handbags, and shoes. This second sorting method will help you find exactly what you need quickly.

Another way to organize your clothes in a drawer is to keep like items together. This way, you’ll know which items to keep and which to discard. You can also keep items that you don’t use very often in the same room. This way, you won’t be left wondering where you’ll find a specific item.

Using cardboard

You can organize your drawers by using a simple cardboard box as a divider. There are a lot of ways to use cardboard. First, you can cut the box into a vertical and a horizontal strip. Then, you can use a box cutter to cut two thin strips halfway down the cardboard at the intersection of the two vertical dividers. Lay the longer piece of cardboard on top of the shorter one.

Now, you can use dividers to separate your clothes into different compartments. This will encourage you to keep your clothing neatly and to fit the perfect size into a specific drawer. If you don’t have dividers, you can cut pieces of cardboard into different sizes and make a custom divider out of them. Just make sure to measure the openings first so that they fit the clothes you are organizing.

You can also make dividers out of cereal boxes. Cut the dividers at a sharp angle. Then, use a permanent marker to label the dividers. To make the dividers, you will need a thick cardboard box of similar size and shape.

Another option is to use a drawer lining made of fabric. This way, you will be able to easily see what is inside each compartment. It’s also important to find a box that has a tight lid.

Using bookends

If you are having trouble storing your clothes in drawers, using bookends can help you keep your closet organized and make finding things easy. These organizers are available in different shapes and sizes and can be a great help in organizing small items and easily tangled items.

A pair of basic metal bookends can cost as little as $5 at office supply stores and will make your drawers look more arranged. They make it easy to roll up shirts, jeans, and sweaters and separate them easily without making the whole drawer look crowded.

If you have a large walk-in closet, you can also use flat bookends to organize your closet. You can use them to place rolled-up clothes, scarves, and towels. You can also use them to store shapeless bags. If you have a walk-in closet, you may want to designate a place for seasonal clothing.

A consistent method of organization is essential if you want to keep your drawers clean and organized. Doing this will encourage you to return items to where they belong. Otherwise, you’ll likely find your drawers disorganized over time. It’s best to keep your closet arranged in a way that you can access and use everything quickly.