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Matty Healy is addressing backlash after seeming to mock Ice Spice’s ethnicity on Adam Friedland’s podcast in February. He explains why.

Perez Hilton

Gossip columnist Perez Hilton – real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr – helped to usher in the age of celebrity blogs, revolutionising the way news broke and allowing readers to comment on the latest gossip. But some of the stars he wrote about weren’t happy with his catty comments and accusations. Nicole Richie was among them and slammed Hilton in no uncertain terms.

Hilton has been writing about showbiz for a decade and was the first to expose celebrities’ private lives in a public forum. His blog has attracted eight million hits a day and he is the host of a popular celebrity news podcast. But he hasn’t lost his appetite for trashing celebrity reputations. He’s also found new outlets such as appearing on a celebrity reality show and hosting a showbiz news podcast with his partner Chris Booker. The pair’s scepticism and impatience with celebrity culture is the perfect complement to Hilton’s excitable personality.

In a new episode of Gloria Estefan’s Red Table Talk, Hilton discusses his controversial past and the criticism he has received over his online bullying. He’s been called a sexist and accused of outing gay celebrities. He’s even claimed to be punched by a member of the Black Eyed Peas’ management team for his derogatory remarks about Fergie and Will.i.am. Hilton has apologised for his early work but is it enough?


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For a snarkier take on the latest celeb scandals, check out Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD). This popular site is home to thousands of opinionated fans who love nothing more than a good bit of snark. You’ll find stories about sex scandals, backstabbing, and celebrity mishaps that are sure to leave you in stitches.

If you’re into more serious celebrity news, check out Variety. This legendary trade magazine is the go-to for movie industry insiders. It covers all the behind-the-scenes action, including who’s getting cast, who’s fired, and which Hollywood mansions have been recently purchased.

The New York Post’s Page Six is the mother of all celebrity gossip columns. It’s been dishing out juicy servings of celebrity dirt for decades, fueled by an anonymous network of in-the-know Manhattan tipsters. Its best feature, however, is its Celeb Sightings section, which tells readers where all the famous people ate and drank last night.

US Weekly

US Weekly is a celebrity magazine that offers the latest celebrity news and photos. The magazine is available in both print and digital form. It covers celebrities from all areas of entertainment, including television, movies, music, and sports. It also features a section on fashion and beauty. Its articles often feature interesting stores and celebrity diets. It is also a good source for weddings, divorces, and other events that occur in celebrities’ lives.

Subscribers can get the latest celebrity news from the magazine delivered to their doorstep each week. This saves them time and money, as they don’t have to go to the store or bookstore to buy a copy. Moreover, subscribers can choose from various subscription deals. These include a discount on the cost of a monthly issue, free issues for new subscribers, and even a one-year subscription!

US Weekly is a celebrity magazine that was first published in 1977. It was originally owned by the New York Times Company before being sold to Peter J. Callahan’s Macfadden Group in 1980. It was later purchased by Wenner Media and then by American Media Inc. in 2017. The magazine is headquartered in New York City. It has a total circulation of over 50 million. The magazine’s website includes celebrity news, videos, and pictures. In addition, it provides information on upcoming movie and TV releases and interviews with celebrities.