The Best Way to Organise Clothes in Drawers

One of the best ways to organise clothes in drawers is to use drawer dividers. They give the drawer structure and prevent clothes from sliding around. You can use more than one divider, depending on the size and type of the drawer. Another way to organise clothes in drawers is to sort them by type and use.

Adding a drawer liner

When you want to keep your drawers clean and tidy, you’ll need to add a drawer liner. The lining will keep the items from rolling around the drawer and will make it easier to reach all of the drawers. It’s also easy to replace.

The best way to organize clothes in drawers is to assign each one a category. This will make them easier to find and will save space. You can also combine different categories within the same drawer. To help you decide which categories to use, think about which clothing items go together naturally or that you tend to wear at the same time.

Another great way to organize clothes in drawers is to sort them by color. This will make the drawers look cleaner and more attractive. It will also motivate you to keep the drawers organized. You can also store some items on hangers, and hang up others. Silk, for example, tends to wrinkle easily if you fold it. In addition, if you have expensive sweaters, it’s a good idea to keep them in a bag to keep them protected from moths.

Folded items, like sweaters, take up a lot of horizontal space. Moreover, they’re difficult to keep upright when they’re pulled out of a drawer. That’s why people need to keep things like socks and underwear in upper drawers, so they can easily reach them when they need them.

You should keep in mind that the most used items should go at the front of the drawer, while those used less often should be stored at the back. If you have space in a nightstand, you can use a drawer for under-bed storage.

Adding dividers

One of the best ways to organize your clothes is to add dividers. Dividers help you find what you need quickly. They are small enough to fit into deep drawers and make it easier to access everything. They also make it easier to store items that have different shapes or sizes.

You can use any material to make dividers for drawers. You can use wood, cardboard, or plastic. You can even decorate them with scrapbooking paper or other craft supplies. They can also double as a decorative addition to your drawers. You can save money by making your own dividers instead of buying them.

Polystyrene is another inexpensive way to make dividers for drawers. Polystyrene is lightweight and durable, and you can cut notches in the sheets to fit neatly. You can also paint the divider panels to give them a stylish finish. If you are not comfortable painting the divider panels, you can use duct tape to secure them. This way, they will not tangle your clothes.

Once you have organized your drawers, you can easily find items. You can also use these dividers to organize under-sink cabinets. You can buy them at home improvement stores or even on Amazon. You can find them in a wide range of materials. Some materials are even recyclable.

Before you start making dividers for your drawers, you must make sure they fit snugly into the drawer. The dividers should not move when you open and close the drawer. You can then cut the cardboard pieces into vertical and horizontal strips. Then you can fold over the ends of the strips.

Sorting shirts and pants by color

One of the best ways to store your clothes is to sort shirts and pants by color. Then, you can keep them in separate drawers to prevent wrinkles. If you use drawers, you can also separate socks by color. These tips will make it easier to find your clothes.

Folding your clothes according to color will help you to save space. For example, white shirts should be stacked separately from light or dark colored shirts. Folding your clothes vertically will also help you save space. You can also use drawer units with wheels to move the clothes around easily.

Another helpful trick is to use colorful sorting labels. These labels are perfect for marking off different sections of your closet. You can use these labels to organize your closet and keep it organized. Marty Basher, an organization expert, recommends using labels to distinguish sections in the closet.

Using bookends

Using bookends to organize clothes in a drawer is a great way to keep small items from getting tangled. These organizers are available in many different shapes and sizes and help you separate small items. Having these bookends in your drawer will help you find the items you need easily, and you can use them to make your drawers more attractive.

You can also use bookends to make shelves for your folded clothing. They work as makeshift shelf dividers and can help keep folded clothing and jeans organized. They can also be used to hold up folded jeans and keep them in shape. If you don’t have a lot of room for folded clothing, you can put pool noodles in the drawers to hold them upright.

Another way to organize your clothes is to use two shoe boxes as bookends. These can be purchased at an office supply store for under $5 each. If you have a large closet or drawer, you can even use these bookends to separate clothes in one drawer. They are ideal for rolled up shirts, jeans, and sweaters.

When using bookends to organize clothes in drawers, it is important to make sure the clothes that you have in the drawers are labeled. If you are using a shelf that is too deep, you may need to use organization bins for deep items. Make sure you have clear labels so that you can easily identify the items you want to access.

Using the KonMari Method

Using the KonMari Method to organize your clothes in drawers is an excellent way to make your closet look tidy and beautiful. It involves examining your life and assessing what you truly want to keep. Oftentimes, you will find that you get rid of several items as you work through a tidying process. Marie Kondo’s method encourages you to keep only what sparks joy.

The KonMari folding method requires you to fold your clothing neatly into neat rectangles before placing them in a drawer. This will make the clothing stand upright, helping them last longer. It also allows you to quickly see what is in each drawer. When folding, fold by half or thirds to keep the garments neat and organized.

One of the benefits of using the KonMari Method is that it can save a lot of space. Many people use hangers, but storing clothing in drawers is more efficient. A dresser also uses less space than hangers do. This makes it easier to find and use clothing without spending hours trying to find a place for it.

While the KonMari Method can help you declutter your closet, it will also help you improve the way you get dressed. Wearing clothes that give you joy changes the way you walk in the world. The method works for just about any type of clothing, including duvet covers and bathroom linens. Marie Kondo has answered some common questions about the KonMari fold.

To begin the process of using the KonMari Method to organize clothes in your drawers, you will need to take inventory of all the items in your drawers. Then, dedicate different drawers to specific types of clothing. As you sort through your items, you can also determine which items need to be replaced. You can also make your drawers look more appealing and beautiful by using a drawer organizer.