Best Places to Visit in Brashear, Missouri

When visiting Brashear, Missouri, be sure to check out the towns nearby. This will help you plan your trip and help you learn more about the area. Use this list to find cities within 100 miles of Brashear, MO. If you’re going on a road trip, this list may also help you find things to do.

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List of places to visit in Brashear MISSOURI

There are several places to visit near Brashear, Missouri. This list can be helpful for planning a trip to the area. These places are usually within one to two hours’ drive from Brashear. You can also use this list to find cities that are about 100 miles away.

The town of Brashear is located in Adair County, Missouri. The population was 273 at the 2010 census. The city has a median home price of $118,200. The price of a home in Brashear has increased by 3.5% over the past decade. Over the past year, home values have increased by 7.2%.

In the early twentieth century, Paulville was a thriving trading center for eastern Adair County. It had several businesses, including a grist mill. This mill was destroyed during the Civil War in an attempt to prevent Confederate recruits from being resupplied. In 1872, the Quincy, Missouri & Pacific Railroad arrived in the area and built a depot. This became the main business district in the town.

When Brashear was first laid out in 1872, it was named after a prominent farmer in the area, Richard Matson Brashear. He was the son of William Gowan Brashear, who was one of the first white settlers to the area in 1842. However, the community was established several years prior to 1872. It is also home to the town of Paulville, which was established around 1855.

The town was home to four churches. The Brashear Methodist Episcopal Church was originally organized in Paulville. In 1880, it was relocated to Brashear. Although it didn’t last, the church’s organization stayed. Until the mid-1920s, the congregation met in a schoolhouse. In September of 1883, J. N. and Anne E. McCreary deeded a lot measuring 224 feet by 63 feet to the church trustees. The building was dedicated on April 13, 1884.

93 miles from Brashear MISSOURI

If you’re looking to visit a new city, a trip is only a few hours away. Here are 20 major cities with distances from Brashear, Missouri. Each one is linked to a map with a road route. In addition, we’ve included a list of towns and cities within 93 miles of Brashear, MO.

The town of Brashear was first platted out in 1872. It was named after a prominent farmer and businessman, Richard Matson Brashear, who had been one of the first white settlers to settle in the area. The community was named after Brashear, who was also the son of William G. Brashear, who had settled in the area in 1842. Though the town dates back several years, it has actually stood just north of a prosperous town named Paulville. Paulville was a trading center for eastern Adair County and had a grist mill.

The church at Brashear is an example of the early Christian church in the area. Although the congregation had been organized by 1873, the church was still without a church building. The congregation dedicated the new building on August 17, 1873, with Bishop Glossbrenner preaching the sermon. The ceremony was attended by a large crowd, which was brought to the town on a special train from Kirksville. The editor of the North Missouri Register commented on the simplicity of the services.