Best Places to Visit in Brashear, Missouri

If you are planning a visit to Brashear, MO, you should consider exploring the neighboring cities. A list of the cities and towns within 100 miles will help you plan your trip. This way, you can choose an area that’s close to Brashear, MO, but still has plenty of other activities to offer.

93 miles from Brashear, MO

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, try 93 miles from Brashear, MO. You’ll be able to reach most of the major cities within this distance. You may even find smaller towns within this distance. You can even check out other cities near Brashear, MO to find out where you can go for a day or two.

Brashear, Missouri, is a historic town with a history going back to the 1860s. It was named for a prominent farmer and businessman named Richard Matson Brashear. He was the son of William G. Brashear, who had been one of the first white settlers in the area in 1842. While this community dates back several years, it is actually an expansion of the town of Paulville, which was located about a mile north. Paulville was a trading center for eastern Adair County and had a grist mill.

In 1848, the church was organized in Paulville, Missouri. John Thrasher, John McDowell, and Miss Phoebe Talbot were the founding members of the church. The Brashear congregation did not have a church building until 1873, when the church organization dedicated the new building in August. Bishop Glossbrenner preached the dedication sermon and a large crowd was present. The editor of the North Missouri Register commented on the simplicity of the services.

Home appreciation in Brashear

If you’re looking for places to go on your vacation, consider visiting towns near Brashear, Missouri. The following list of nearby cities can help you plan your trip. The following cities are within 93 miles of Brashear, Missouri. These are the closest big cities, as well as smaller towns.

Per capita income in Brashear was $22,972 in 2018. This is middle income compared to the rest of the US, and translates to a family income of $91,888. The area’s population is composed of a wide range of ethnic groups, with the majority of residents reporting being White. The predominant language spoken is English, although German/Yiddish and African languages are also commonly spoken.

Brashear is a small town in Adair County, Missouri. The population is about 259 people, and the average commute time is 23 minutes. It is a part of the Adair County R-1 School District, and has one elementary, one middle, and one high school. The school district has a GreatSchools rating of four out of 10.

Low-cost of living

Whether you’re looking to purchase a house in Brashear or simply downsize your living space, the affordable housing market in Brashear, Missouri is available to all. Depending on your income, you may qualify for government programs that provide affordable housing. For example, you may qualify for rental assistance programs if your household income is at or below 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the area.

The city is home to 1 low-income housing apartment community. This community includes 12 income-based apartments, where residents pay up to 30% of their income for rent. There are also 0 rent-subsidized apartments, where a Section 8 Housing Choice voucher can pay up to $0 per month toward rent. The average voucher holder in Brashear contributes $0 to their monthly rent.

Attractive retirement destination

When choosing a retirement community, there are a variety of factors to consider. In Brooksear, Missouri, there are many attractions for retirees to consider. The city has a thriving downtown square, multiple medical centers, and a fish hatchery. Residents of Brooksear are also surrounded by natural beauty, such as Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River. The area also boasts affordable costs of living.

This affordable city is home to less than 40,000 residents. This makes it an attractive retirement destination for those on a budget. The median home value in Brooksear proper is only $98,100, well below the national median of $128,900. Another benefit of Brooksear is the lack of income tax, which reduces monthly expenses for retirees.