A New Alternative to Sodium!

pink himalayan salt

A New Alternative to Sodium!

Pink Himalayan Salt is a kind of salt which is mined close to the Himalayas in Pakistan and naturally pink in colour. Many individuals claim that it possesses many health benefits and is loaded with many minerals. But little research on pink Himalayan sea salt exists, and others still insist that all such claims are nothing but pure speculation… Is there anything to this? Let’s take a look!

There are many kinds of salts used in medicine and all the salts mentioned above come from the mineralogy of the country where they are mined. The pink salt of India is used for treating respiratory problems and is associated with properties which help to strengthen the lungs and enhance immunity of the body. Indian pink salt also strengthens the heart, enhances blood flow and decreases the risk of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This salt can also be used to treat high blood pressure, stimulate the thyroid gland and improve the kidney functions. Researches also show that this salt is very effective in decreasing the cholesterol level in the body and increasing the levels of energy, stamina, mental clarity and immunity.

So why has it become so popular with alternative medicine practitioners and the general public? Well the first reason might be that even when regular salt cannot be found, pink Himalayan Sea Salt has a very reasonable substitute – iodine. Iodine is only found in trace minerals and this pink salt contains ten times more iodine than regular salt! It is extremely important to increase the intake of iodine, as this serves as an essential hormone for our bodies and is required by our thyroid glands.

Moreover, there are several other important health benefits associated with the use of this type of salt. Himalayan sea salt contains trace minerals like uranium, strontium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Trace minerals are minerals that have been lost due to constant evaporation. They provide an extremely beneficial nutritional supplement and serve as excellent immune builders. On top of this, Himalayan salt contains no calories and is easily absorbed by the body as it contains high amounts of potassium and calcium.

As mentioned above, pink Himalayan Sea Salt contains ten times more minerals compared to regular sea salt and these minerals play a vital role in improving the cardiovascular system and increasing the metabolic rate of the human body. These trace elements also help in curing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, it boosts the immune system by reducing infections and helping the body to fight against unwanted diseases.

High blood pressure is a major health concern in many people today. This is because sodium makes up for about 40% of the blood’s sodium content and without adequate potassium levels in the blood, the effects could be hazardous. Excessive sodium causes high blood pressure and thus, it is imperative that we watch our sodium intake. One way of doing this is to eat plenty of green vegetables. However, many of us may not get enough potassium in our daily diets. If this is the case, the best solution would be to take supplements containing natural sea salt known as Himalayan pink salt.

The salt caves are a unique environment that provides healing properties, especially to those who suffer from respiratory problems. It has been used by the aborigines of Australia for quite some time now and they swear by the effects of the pink salt. However, it can help cure many other diseases too.

When you buy products containing this pink salt, make sure you check the health claims. There could be health claims that indicate only the positive effects of this mineral but actually, it could be saying something different altogether. As long as you read the labels carefully, you should not have any problems. Furthermore, make sure you only buy products from reputed manufacturers such as Himalayan crystal salt mines in Australia.