Things to Do in Myrtle Point, Oregon

Myrtle Point is a vibrant and strong community located in the foothills of the coastal mountain range. This region offers abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, yet retains its small town charm and historical roots. There are many activities and places to go in the area, from the logging museum to the community garden.

Logging Museum

If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend an afternoon, consider visiting the Coos County Logging Museum in Myrtle Point. This museum focuses on the local area’s logging history and the historic forest products industry. Located amidst vast forest preserves, the museum provides a fascinating look at logging.

The Coos County Logging Museum is a nonprofit educational institution that promotes public education and research about the history of logging in Coos County. The museum is open daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and by appointment. Admission is free, though donations and membership are encouraged.

A striking dome-shaped building houses the museum. This building was built in 1910 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Inside, you can view a vast collection of antique logging equipment and rare photographs. The museum is also home to nine large hand-carved myrtlewood panels by the renowned logger Alexander Benjamin Warnock.

The Logging Museum in Myrtle Point is one of the most popular attractions in town. The museum is home to a collection of antique logging equipment and artifacts, and is part of the Coos County Fair and Rodeo, held annually. This area is also known for its countryside appeal, and its Myrtlewood Groves are one of the town’s most scenic spots.

Community garden

The Myrtle Point Community Garden has a mission to provide fresh vegetables to local residents and families. Excess produce is donated to the Myrtle Point Food Bank and the Myrtle Point Senior Activity Center. The garden is also used to teach students about botany. It hosts a monthly newsletter, and a Coos County Master Gardener can answer any questions you may have.

In Eugene, Oregon, there are six community gardens. Each one has more than 340 plots. Each plot is 5’x5′ and can be used for planting. Each garden has a site coordinator, who is available to answer questions and share expertise. He or she is also a resource for local food and gardening information.

The first community garden in the city was founded in April 2006. The Union & Mechanic Alleyway Garden is a multi-use space with eight large raised beds. The garden is designed to be low-impact, capturing storm water on-site and percolating it into the ground.

Food and drink artisans

If you’re looking for a unique vacation destination that’s full of local products and a fun atmosphere, consider visiting Myrtle Point, Oregon. This town hosts an annual Harvest Festival each fall, featuring local produce, food and drink artisans, and arts and crafts. This celebration of the end of the growing season is sponsored by the Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce and attracts visitors from near and far. The festival also includes a classic car show with hundreds of classic cars on display.

Walking trails

Myrtle Point is a vibrant community in the foothills of a coastal mountain range. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and forested mountain peaks makes it the perfect place for outdoor recreation. The town retains its small-town charm and rich history.

There are several different walking trails in Myrtle Point. One of these trails is a mile-long loop. It can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This easy-to-follow path is great for hiking, road biking, trail running, and jogging. It is also dog-friendly. However, you should keep Fido leashed while you’re walking on this trail.

Walking trails in Myrtle Point, OR can take you to beautiful locations. You can find many scenic spots for your hike, including the ghost beach. The beach is perfect for building a sand castle, and you’ll find plenty of sand to play in. Its trail is also a great spot for birdwatching and hiking.

Another favorite trail is the Kingfisher Trail. This 2 mile long trail winds through the woods, passing large oaks and hollies. You’ll also come across twisted cherry trees and running cedar. Another popular hiking trail is the Perimeter Hike, which combines parts of the other trails.

Getting there

If you’re planning a trip to Myrtle Point, Oregon, you’ll need to know how to get there. The closest airport is the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend, Oregon, which is 30 miles away from Myrtle Point. This is an international and domestic airport, but it’s also a small local airport for pilots.

Myrtle Point, Oregon, is a small town with a population of just over two thousand. Despite its small size, the town is a great place for anyone looking for small town living while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s known as the “Hub of Coos County” and is just a short drive to the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Range mountains.

If you are flying to Eugene from Myrtle Point, Oregon, you’ll need to figure out how much time it will take you to get there. You can do it by driving straight through, but this will take longer. Alternatively, you can hire a private plane or private jet to get you there in the fastest possible way.

Myrtle Point is close to Coos Bay, Oregon and is a popular tourist destination. Many people choose this town for its scenic beauty, moderate climate, and friendly people. There are also a number of other tourist attractions in the area. The city is located in the Coquille River Valley, which means that it experiences very little weather extremes.