How To Find Black Truffle Salt At A Discount

One of the most popular ingredients on truffles is black truffle salt. It’s a great ingredient and it adds a unique flavor to any dish that you’re cooking. The most popular way to use black truffle salt however, is right from your kitchen spice cabinet. Here are a few different ways you can incorporate it into your cooking.

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One of the most popular uses for black truffle salt is to make a truffle flavored gourmet coffee. You simply add a couple of tablespoons of it to a mug and pour in hot water. The mug will turn black and then as it brews, the truffle salt in it will dissolve creating a delicious coffee drink that is both caffeinated and delectable.

Another way black truffle salt is used is in stews. It adds a hearty flavor to any stews and helps the flavors develop better. If you have a favorite chili recipe, you can use the salt with it. Add it right at the beginning stages of the cooking process or you can set aside the black truffle salt and add it later.

You don’t have to use it only in chili. It works wonderfully in other stews and also in casseroles. You can find black truffle salt at just about any grocery store. You may also be able to find a black truffle salt that is more expensive at specialty food stores or through online retailers. Just check out your local area to see if they carry it.

A third place you’ll find black truffle salt is in baking recipes. There are many different uses for this type of salt. One popular baked good is chocolate truffles. These are adorable little cakes that people will love. However, instead of using the normal chocolate chips, which would melt, you can use the truffles.

Another great thing about these tiny cakes is that they make a fantastic addition to holiday dinners. They go well with meats, vegetables, and cheeses. You can even use them to replace fat in fish and chips. That’s why the truffles are so popular right now. They have such a versatile flavor, they’ll go well with just about everything.

Of course, there is also the fact that these are some of the healthiest snacks you can buy. Because they are made with real turmeric, they are a natural antioxidant. And when you cook them, you’re keeping fat and cholesterol from being cooked as well, which will help keep your waistline thin. You can see how this salt from Walmart can be such a smart shopping pick!

The only downside to black truffle salt from Walmart is that it does tend to be a little pricey. That’s because it is a very popular product and they always try to keep prices low. So while you might not be able to find the exact kind you were looking for, you should still have no trouble finding a similar option. Just keep your eyes open and shop around. You never know when you will stumble upon a better deal.

But why even bother shopping for truffles in the first place? Why not just buy a box of chocolates? Well, for one thing, truffles can’t be stored airtight in a plastic container like regular chocolates can. Also, they are a bit more expensive. A box of chocolates usually has about 50 truffles in it, whereas you can probably find at least that many of those in a single Walmart box.

But even though they might not be as readily available as the original, black truffles still taste great. There’s no doubt that they have a higher cocoa content than most other kinds of salt. This means that they will have a stronger aroma and flavor. In fact, some people find that drinking coffee with truffles makes them feel nostalgic or even like they are having a catered affair for them.

Like any other kind of salt, black truffles also have a dark color. Depending on how you prepare them, you might not even notice this. You might think that the salt is tinted or coated with something, but in actuality the coloring occurs due to minerals contained in the black pepper. These minerals are the reason why your black truffles taste so dark.

The good news is that black truffle salt isn’t difficult to find in stores. WalMart is known for carrying a few varieties, and if not WalMart, there are plenty of specialty shops and online sellers carrying it. Most of the time, the only way to get black truffle salt at a reasonable price is to buy them in bulk. Bulk buying is something that you’ll want to do if you want to make sure that you get a large quantity of this pretty salty treat for yourself or as a gift for someone else.