Fleur De Lis – A Natural Salt With an Amazingly Unique Flavor

fleur de sel

Fleur De Lis – A Natural Salt With an Amazingly Unique Flavor

Fleur de sels salts manufactured by using the Fleur de Lyon Salt. This salt is extracted from sea water harvested from the shores of Western Europe. It is considered a coarse salt and is known for its deodorizing and antiseptic properties.

Fleur de sels or for desal is a salty water mineral that forms as a thin, fine crust on the exposed surface of water as it evaporates from deep pools. Fleur de sels has been found since ancient times, and has traditionally been used as an essential salve and purifying salt. It’s often used today as an extra flavor in cooking, although the salt’s health-giving properties have also made it a popular mineral in alternative healing therapies. It is commonly used in the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and also as an antiseptic for wounds and burns. In fact, it is now being used in cooking to add flavor, texture, and moisture to dishes.

In evaporation, the salt leaves a thin film on exposed skin cells. It can even penetrate the outer layers of skin tissue. The fleur de sel crystals are formed when exposed to salty sea water and then drawn out of the skin through coughing or sneezing. The mineral is carried off by mucus membranes which contain molecules with large enough surface areas to trap the salt particles. The crystals fall from the air and then evaporate into the sea water, becoming de-chlorinated (the salt is eliminated from the body).

Salt and water evaporate at different rates, depending on the density of the crystal and its heat. As the fleur de sel crystallizes, it releases the concentrated salt into the air where it acts as both an ionic and a flavoring agent. Some experts believe that fleur de sel is the most powerful natural antibacterial agent known to man. And its ability to rapidly kill bacteria has made it a popular home remedy for colds and coughs, but also considered a powerful insecticide.

When sea water evaporates, it picks up different mineral deposits along with it, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, along with trace amounts of iron, sulfur, and sodium. The salt and the minerals combine in an organic solution called aqua chloride when dissolved in water. This liquid is then used in disinfection, such as in the production of chlorine. But while there are several documented cases of fleur de sel use in medical treatments, most experts agree that this method cannot be relied upon for treating all kinds of water-carrier organisms, especially those that grow in the open water.

It’s possible to create your own fleur de sel products by combining salt and lime in a quart of water and simmering it for about three hours. Afterward, pour off the mixture into a sterilized container and stir in one cup of lime juice (soy if you prefer a stronger flavor). Then, add a teaspoonful of rock salt and two cups of purified water. Strain the mixture and squeeze out the excess liquid. You will have a salty solution, which you can use to bathe skin exposed to water, or sprinkle on food to add a natural flavor to dishes.

So, how does fleur de sel differ from table salt? Well, first of all, fleur de sel contains an oxidation inhibitor. That is, the minerals and other chemicals in the seawater will not react with the minerals in your body when you consume it, no matter how much you ingest. Table salt on the other hand contains a chemical called sodium chloride, which reacts with anything organic in your system, including the vitamins and minerals in your body, to create sodium chloride crystals and make you sick. Fleur de sels are completely devoid of any such chemicals.

Another key difference between fleur de sel and regular table salt is its sea salt content. Sea salts are completely natural and contain no chemicals or stabilizers. They are also highly beneficial for your health because they contain essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. And just like the vitamins found in ordinary table salt, these natural nutrients found in sea salts will help boost your body’s metabolism, enhance digestion and excretion, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate hormones, improve brain function, and much more.