Facebook Bot – The Four Simple Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot is the newest addition to Facebook’s lineup of products. It was introduced last year during the Facebook Homepage revamp and Facebook launched the bot specifically to cater to marketers who need to communicate with their customers on Messenger. Facebook Bot has many capabilities; however, it does not perform all of them automatically. The Facebook Messenger Bot is primarily used by marketers. The Facebook Bot performs several functions including:

Facebook Messenger Bot

* Provides a web hook for your messages * Implements a “chat” style interface similar to the Facebook application’s chat mode * Enables Facebook integration to Facebook Messenger Bot * Monetizes Facebook advertising through Facebook ads placed on your profile pages * Integrates with the Facebook sidebar widget * Integrates with Facebook news feeds and RSS feeds * Remains available in Facebook while you are offline and is automatically deleted when you restart your device The Facebook Messenger Bot is not actually part of Facebook, but it is an extension of Facebook. Facebook applications integrate with Facebook Messenger Bot in order to provide a more streamlined online experience. A webhook is an element that is added to a website and allows other elements from that website to be attached to that element. For instance, if you want to have Facebook chat functionality on your website, then a webhook is what you would need to add. On Facebook, a bot called Facebook Bot helps you with webhook integration. Facebook Messenger Bot is the latest addition to Facebook’s suite of products and services that help you communicate with your customers and other people on Facebook.

This was all about how the Facebook Messenger Bot helped facilitate communication on Facebook. Now let us learn about its features and how to use them. First step to use Facebook chat Bots effectively is to have the Facebook Messenger Bot account. Log into Facebook using your user name and password, and click on the FacebookBot icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page. Then click on “Create”.

To start integrating Facebook Bot with Facebook Messenger Bot, type the name of a person or group you would like to send a message to in the chat box prompt. The Facebook Bot will ask you whether to create a one-on-one chat, a group conversation or a combination of both. When you click on the “Create” button, a window will open up and a progress window will display. The more you interact with the Facebook Messenger Bot, the more it will become friendly to you.

Second step to use Facebook Messenger Bot effectively is for you to find conversational AI bot based on the information you enter. To do this, go to the Facebook search bar and enter keywords such as bot, conversational AI bot or even social network bot. Once you hit the search button, the results will be thousands of Facebook chat bots already in use. You can now select the Facebook Messenger Bot you want to integrate with Facebook. The Facebook Messenger Bot integration will start after you choose the bot and click on it.

The next step is for you to sign in to Facebook using your Facebook user name and password. Type the name you have just typed in the Facebook search box and follow the onscreen prompts. For more Facebook Messenger Bot examples, visit Facebook’s official website. You will also find lots of chat bot examples in the Facebook help section. For more help, feel free to visit Facebook’s Facebook help center.

The third step is for you to visit a popular search engine and type in bot. Look for Facebook chat bots by using their names such as Facebook Social Ads or Facebook Fan Box. Facebook Social Ads is the latest addition to the Facebook Messenger Bot collection. Facebook Fan Box is another popular bot. These bots are used to enhance Facebook fan pages. If you want to learn more about these Facebook Messenger Bot examples, visit Facebook’s fan page for more information.

The fourth step to using Facebook Messenger Bot is to install the bot on your Facebook profile. There are different ways to deploy the Facebook Messenger Bot. You can choose either to create a Facebook page to use the Bot or to download the Facebook Messenger Bot onto your Facebook profile. Once you have installed the Facebook Messenger Bot, you can start integrating the Facebook Bot with your websites.