DIY Craft Organizer Ideas

There are several ways to organize craft supplies. One way is to group them by function, color, size, or shape. Other organizing ideas include using fabric storage baskets, Pegboards, and even party platters!

IKEA hacks

If you’re working in a small space, organizing craft supplies can be challenging. Thankfully, Ikea offers a range of storage solutions to help you get organized. These solutions include racks, drawers, and shelves to help you find and organize what you need quickly. IKEA storage benches also work for keeping art and make-up brushes organized.

Another IKEA hack involves using an adjustable table to hold all your craft supplies. You can easily adjust the legs to sit at counter height or sitting level. The table even has a place to store a wheeled craft cart. Another useful organizing solution is pegboard storage, which lets you easily find and organize items.

If you’re not a DIYer, you can always purchase an Ikea shelf or rack. They are affordable and functional. They can also help you declutter your space. A bookshelf from IKEA can be converted into a seat with storage. This solution is an excellent option for those with a limited amount of space in their room.

You can also create wall storage by using bed slats. Another great option is to use drawer dividers. They only need minimal assembly.

Fabric storage baskets

If you love crafting, there are many inexpensive DIY Craft organizer ideas to organize your craft supplies. Empty cans and other everyday kitchen items can be used as storage bins and display pieces for your craft supplies. Just wrap them in pretty paper and label them to keep your supplies organized. Other inexpensive craft storage ideas include flat boxes and small cabinet hutches. You can even turn photo albums into craft storage bins, as they are a great way to display your craft supplies without cluttering your home.

To organize your craft supplies, you’ll first need to determine their function. For example, if you use markers or glue sticks, you’ll want to separate them by color. You can also organize them by size or shape. Then, use the bins to keep them in their appropriate categories.

Another DIY Craft organizer idea is to reuse tin cans as storage bins. You can use a simple wood craft frame to store your baker’s twine or ribbons. Using a clear glass jar is a great idea because it makes it easy to see what you’re storing. Also, a swivel base makes it easy to access the storage. Plastic sleeves can also be used for storing flat items such as trading cards. Cardboard boxes can also be used for storage.

Craft supplies are not only expensive. DIY Craft organizer ideas are an excellent way to organize your supplies without breaking the bank. Besides, they are functional and look awesome. Most of the DIY Craft organizer ideas involve some degree of creativity and artistic ability.


Craft supplies can be cluttered and disorganized, but there are many ways to organize your craft supplies. Pegboards, for example, are a great way to organize smaller craft supplies like crayons and paper. Pegboards are also very functional and can be customized to match your room’s decor.

Besides a pegboard, you can also use a thread rack, small shelves, and a paper dowel to organize your materials. You can also use buckets and wire baskets to store fabric or other small items. Bookcases are another great way to organize your craft supplies.

If you have a small space, you can also consider organizing craft supplies in a purse or tote bag. This will allow you to keep your project with you while you wait for something. If you use your craft supplies frequently, you may want to rearrange them frequently.

Another way to organize craft supplies is to use chalkboard markers. Chalkboard markers allow you to easily identify what’s in each bin. You can also use chalkboard markers for fun designs. Craft organizing can become a hobby if you want it to be.

You can also use items from your kitchen to organize your craft supplies. Empty cans are an inexpensive way to organize small craft supplies. Alternatively, you can decoupage shoe organizers with patterned paper and hang them on the back of your door. Flat boxes are also useful storage solutions.

Party platters

Whether you need to organize crafting supplies, gift wrapping supplies, or serving ware, DIY craft organizer ideas can help you make your projects more organized. You can use a wire shower caddy to store your craft supplies in sections. Or, you can suspend ribbons from hooks to organize small die cuts and stickers. You can also use party platters to store supplies. Party platters have cups and sections to keep your supplies organized.


You can easily organize all your craft supplies by putting them into a certain category. For example, you can sort them by color or size. You can also arrange them according to their shape or function. By doing so, you can keep them neat and tidy. There are many DIY craft organizer ideas you can choose from.

One DIY craft organizer idea is to use recycled containers. Old canning jars can be used to store small craft supplies. Clear plastic or glass jars are useful for this. You can even display them on an open shelf. You can also use old toothbrush holders for storing tools and scissors. You can paint these holders different colors to make them stand out.

You can also use an old toolbox to store your craft supplies. You can find great storage options in thrift stores. Even IKEA has wonderful storage options. Regardless of your budget, you can find inexpensive craft storage ideas to organize your craft supplies. Just remember to sort your supplies by type to make them easier to find.

If you don’t have an extra space for a craft room, you can always use an old china cabinet or dining room hutch. Then, you can paint it to match your decor and add storage containers and baskets. Another good idea is to add drawer dividers to make your craft supplies easier to find.

Shower caddy

Shower caddies are handy little storage boxes that store craft supplies. With a little bit of DIY work, you can make one for yourself at home. The materials needed are very simple. You can purchase a storage caddy at a local craft store, or you can make one of your own using a gallon jug and a cap. You can paint it any color you want and use it to store shower items and other craft supplies. You can also attach a metal chain to it to hang it from the wall. You can also use the storage space to store gardening tools, seeds, or hanging plant potter.

Whether you’re organizing your craft supplies in your closet or in your shower, a shower caddy is a useful organizational tool. Depending on the size, a shower caddy can hold as many as six different items. How many you store depends on your needs, but you’ll save a lot of money by making it yourself. You’ll need a hot glue gun, a cloth basket, elastic, buttons, and some cloth.

Shower caddies are an inexpensive and useful DIY craft organizer. Unlike plastic tubs, a shower caddy can hold more than just craft supplies. It can also store stencils, stickers, and small booklets.