Closet Shelves and Rods For Bedroom Closets

Choosing closet shelves and rods can be a challenge, but with a few simple tips you can ensure the perfect system for your closet. Learn about height, depth, and style. And remember to use a spirit level to ensure that your rods and shelves are straight and level.

Choosing the right system

There are many things to consider when choosing a closet system for your bedroom. First of all, consider your lifestyle. Do you like to keep a large collection of shoes in your closet? Or do you prefer to keep smaller items in a separate room? Your closet system should reflect these things, as well as your personal taste.

Choosing the right height

Choosing the right height for closet shelves and rods is a crucial aspect of your closet organization. Generally, closet rods should be at least 68 inches above the floor. It is also important to consider the depth of your shelves. If you want to store spare t-shirts and undergarments, a shelf that is only one foot deep may not be sufficient. Similarly, if you want to store your shoes, you may need a shelf with a depth of 14 inches.

Choosing the right height of closet shelves and closet rods for bedroom closets should be based on the space available. For instance, you should aim for a reach-in closet that is six to eight feet long and between 24 and 30 inches deep. Moreover, it should have an interior return wall that is not longer than 18 inches. To determine the right height of closet rods and shelves, draw a to-scale layout of your closet and include details such as base molding, chases, and receptacles.

Once you have determined the length of your closet, you can select the height of your rods and shelves. It is important to take into account the depth of your closet to ensure that they do not interfere with your ability to reach them. Achieving the proper height is essential to your closet organization and storage, so determining the height of the closet shelves and rods will be a key step in your closet design.

The right height of your bedroom closets depends on the height of the ceilings and walls. The lowest shelf should be at least 72 inches high while the top shelf should be no less than 84 inches. If you have a high ceiling in your home, you may want to consider installing custom shelves with a higher height. This will allow you to customize your closet design. Once you’ve decided on the right height of your closet shelves and rods, you can choose the type of shelving you need.

The ideal height for closet shelves and rods should be between 84 and 87 inches off the floor. This height will allow you to reach items easily without difficulty. Choosing shelves that are higher than this will make them uncomfortable to reach.

Choosing the right depth

Choosing the right depth of closet shelves and closet rods for bedroom closets can help you maximize storage space. Deep shelves are especially useful for storing bulky or seasonal items, because they offer more real estate. Make sure you choose a depth that can accommodate heavy boxes. If necessary, you can purchase a step ladder or sturdy step stool to reach the top shelf.

To determine the right depth, measure the space between the top of the closet rod and the rear wall. If the closet has a long rod, it should be installed at least two inches below the level of the wall. Also, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the closet rod. Make sure that the bottom of the rod matches this measurement.

The standard closet depth is 24 inches, although this depth can vary from room to room. French door closets, for example, are usually 24 inches deep. A double-sided closet, on the other hand, can have two 24-inch-deep storage spaces.

Choosing the right depth of closet shelves and closet rods for bedroom closets begins with the type of closet you have. Whether it is a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, knowing the right depth for each is crucial to maximizing storage space.

In addition to size, you should also consider the width of the closet. If the closet is too narrow, consider installing a standard double door. The ideal size of a bedroom closet is between six and eight feet wide and twenty-four to thirty inches deep. If you choose to install folding walls, make sure they don’t measure more than 18 inches inside to avoid blind passages.

Another consideration when choosing closet shelves and rods is the location. You may want to make the rods and shelves fit in the corner of the closet. This will allow more space for hanging clothes. In addition, curved shelves will make the shelves deeper. Also, L-shaped shelves can solve the issue of awkward hanger rods in corners.

Choosing the right depth of closet shelves and closet rods for bedroom closets depends on the type of items you want to store. The top shelf is usually for large oversize items, while the bottom shelf will hold folded clothes. Usually, closet shelves come in standard depths of twelve inches, fourteen inches, and sixteen inches, although custom depths are available for linen closets or storage closets not meant for clothing.

Choosing the right style

Closet rods are an important part of a closet, so choosing the right one can make a huge difference in the overall satisfaction of the space. Whether your closet is a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, the style of the rod will determine the effectiveness of your storage space.

Closet kits are available in a variety of styles, with the most basic models featuring shelves and rods. Some kits offer additional features that you can add to make your closet the perfect place for all of your belongings. When choosing a kit, it is important to choose one that fits your lifestyle. For instance, a guest bedroom closet will have different needs than a primary suite closet. Regardless of the closet style, choose the right organization tools to make it a smoother-running closet. Also, consider purchasing garment storage bags to help preserve your clothing’s beauty. Some garment bags, such as those from Hayden Hill, are made with 100% organic cotton and feature a sheer organza side panel.

Another option for bedroom closets is open storage. This option lets you show off your clothes rather than being buried under a pile of them. It also makes the closet more stylish and functional. Some closets even include drawers. These are particularly useful for smaller bedrooms or casual spaces.

Choosing the right style of closet shelves and closet rods for bedroom closets is an important part of organizing the room. You should avoid purchasing standalone shelves that do not fit into the room’s design. You should also double check measurements before purchasing a unit.

When choosing closet shelves and rods, make sure to measure the height of the hanging garments. Hanging clothes too far from the closet floor can cause clothes to fall from the rack. You should aim for a distance of five to five-and-a-half feet.

When measuring the space in your bedroom closet, take a tape measure across one wall and measure the remaining length. You should also measure the width of the closet’s walls and return walls. Once you have these measurements, you can begin choosing the appropriate style of closet shelves and rods. Make sure the space between the top shelf and the ceiling is large enough for a hat box or a shoe box.