Best Places to Visit in Millport

Located in the Firth of Clyde, Millport is the only town on the island of Great Cumbrae, a council area of North Ayrshire. It is four miles south of the ferry terminal that connects Great Cumbrae to the Scottish mainland.

Golf course

Located on the Isle of Cumbrae, Millport Golf Club offers a unique golf experience. This 18-hole course is just over four miles long and two miles wide, and boasts spectacular views of the Firth of Clyde and Arran. The course was originally opened in 1888 and has been redesigned twice.

The town is also home to the Cathedral of the Isles, which was designed by William Butterfield and opened in 1851. This landmark is the tallest building in Millport and is surrounded by beautiful woodland and gardens. The town also has several notable buildings, including Garrison House, which was built in 1745. The building is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and boasts wonderful sea views.

The Golf Club is located above the town of Millport and commands breathtaking views of the Firth. With a par of 68, the course offers a challenging and scenic course. The course features a few blind shots and difficult approaches. The course is about half an hour from the town of Largs.

Bowling club

One of the best places to visit in Millport is its bowling club. This establishment has a beautiful setting overlooking the Arran hills and is a popular attraction. There are also several other attractions in the town, including an 18-hole golf course. Visitors can also enjoy fishing at the nearby reservoir and at Farland Point, which is famous for its mackerel. The town also hosts the annual Country and Western Festival in September.

The Millport Bowling Club is a great place to try out bowling. The club has three excellent greens and hosts competitive and friendly tournaments. The club is fully licensed and offers a wide range of social events. The club also hosts a youth academy for ages eight and up. Visitors are also welcome to join in on any of the many events that are held throughout the year.

Millport has several attractions, including an 18-hole golf course with beautiful views of the Firth of Clyde. It also has a crazy golf course and two football pitches. In addition, there is a children’s playground near the boat yard. The town also has two fresh water reservoirs, including one that is located directly beside the golf course. The town is also a great place to go fishing.

Museum of the Cumbraes

The Museum of the Cumbraes explores the unique history of the town of Millport, and features a combination of permanent and temporary exhibits. It is housed in the former Garrison House, which dates back to 1745. Its collection of objects showcases the island’s fascinating past, from the Goldie ethnography collection to the diaries of Mary Ann Wodrow. Visitors can also view the separate School Room display.

Another excellent place to visit in Millport is the Gothic designed church, which was opened in 1851. You can learn about the history of the island and the smuggling trade in the 18th century, as well as the Second World War. While you’re in town, don’t forget to check out the Croc rock formation, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. This natural wonder is a family-friendly destination.

The Garrison House is also another historic site in Millport. Built in 1745, it was once the home of the Earl of Glasgow. It was later remodeled after a devastating fire in 2001. Today, it is a community hall that houses the Museum of the Cumbraes, the town’s public library, and council offices. The town also has a wide range of other attractions and amenities.

Cathedral of the Isles

Cathedral of the Isles is the Scottish Episcopal Church’s cathedral on the Isle of Cumbrae. Originally built in 1851, the cathedral was the brainchild of the 6th Earl of Glasgow, George Frederick Boyle. He commissioned William Butterfield, a great architect of the Gothic revival, to design the building. It was originally intended to be a theological college, but was raised to cathedral status in 1876.

If you’re in Millport, visit the Cathedral of the Isles. It’s the smallest working cathedral in the United Kingdom and is a joint mother church with St. John’s Cathedral in Oban. It is a great place to spend a Sunday morning worshipping, and is also open to visitors of all faiths. Its interior and cloisters are both beautiful.

Cathedral of the Isles is located in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae. Designed by William Butterfield, the church is small but beautiful. It often hosts concerts and other events, and many performers come from across the world to perform here. Visitors can also stay in the cathedral’s guest house.


If you love the sea, you’ll enjoy the beaches in Millport, a small town in the west of Scotland. The town is just a short drive from Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Central railway station. By car, it takes about an hour to reach Millport from either of these two locations. If you prefer public transport, you can take the train to Largs, and then take the ferry to Millport. The ferry journey takes about seven minutes, and a bus is available to meet you at the ferry pier.

One of the beaches in Millport is the secluded Newton Beach, which is part of the town’s seafront. This sandy spot features spectacular views of the Clyde Estuary and Little Cumbrae. This beach has received the Beach Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful. It’s also dog-friendly, and offers picnic spots and cafes along the promenade.

Another beach in Millport is the Kames Bay beach. It’s located just below the promenade and is a small shingle/sand beach. The water is shallow and you’ll find intertidal pools. This beach offers stunning views of the Clyde Estuary, and is close to Kames Bay, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Historic buildings

One of the oldest buildings in Millport is the town hall. Listed on the At Risk register, it has played an important role in the history of the Island for over 140 years. The town hall is a beautiful landmark and a beloved building within the community. It also offers educational opportunities for the community, including workshops, lectures, and exhibitions.

Another historic building in Millport is the Garrison House. Built in the middle of the eighteenth century, Garrison House was once the home of the Bute family and a spa hotel. However, a fire in 2001 nearly destroyed it. Since then, it has been used as local council offices. It also had a museum and library. However, it was considered unfit for demolition in 2005, so restoration work is ongoing.

The Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme provides financial assistance to help regenerate historic buildings within the town. The project is funded by Historic Environment Scotland and North Ayrshire Council. It will last until March 2022. It aims to create an attractive and sustainable environment for local residents and businesses.


There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Millport. There are also grocery stores, garages and bike hire shops. The town is also home to the crocodile rock, pontoons and harbour facilities. Shopping in Millport is a great way to support local artists. It also offers a number of other services, such as car hire and taxis.

The town has a few shops that are aimed at a variety of shoppers. If you love knitting or crocheting, you’ll find a wide variety of wools at Cumbrae Yarns. The shop also sells accessories and instructions. You’ll find all sorts of gifts in Millport at All Seasons, from souvenirs to Millport-themed gifts. You can also find woollen goods at Mapes of Millport.

The town has numerous bakeries and delis, including a bakery that offers its own delivery service. You can also order fish from local butchers. The liquor store offers Mill St Original Organic, and the local supermarket sells Polo Cola. If you don’t have the time to go shopping, you can order groceries from the internet and have them delivered at your doorstep at any time.