Bath Salts That Relieve Muscle Pain

Homemade Bath Salts Are Price-idable, a big fan of homemade bath salts as they re: 1. Cheap. I guess, have you noticed how much bath salts actually cost these days? With the economy the way it is, making them on your own just might save you a bundle.

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The therapeutic soak has been around for centuries. Our ancestors knew how to soothe their bodies and relieve themselves of aches and pains without resorting to expensive medicine. Soap, warm water, scented oils, bath salts – all are forms of relaxation. And if you haven’t tried relaxing in a warm bath with some bubbles and lovely fragrances, you are missing out!

But for those who live in the Western world, that dream is quickly fading. We want more “high tech” solutions but our budgets are not allowing us to splurge on what really matters. Our bodies are crying out for some help and bath salts are just what we need. They provide a relaxing environment, release stress and release positive ions (also known as positively charged ions) into the skin, which are vital in skin health.

Homemade bath salts can be made from either lavender, rosemary, almond oil, or distilled vinegar. All of these have healing properties and many are used as aromatherapy bath products. For example, the use of almonds in skin care products like massage oils and bath salts is well-known. The use of distilled vinegar is not as well-known but has been shown to help with digestion issues as well as provide relief from minor irritations of the skin.

Most people use aloe vera gel baths as a way to calm inflamed and dry skin. Aloe vera has proven to be very effective in soothing the skin, although it does take quite a bit of research to find out which product is the best. Using dead sea salt baths has been shown to be extremely beneficial for relieving stress and soothing skin. One must however make sure to only use these at a spa or at a health club. Many bath salts contain harsh chemicals that can cause problems with your respiratory system if you ingest them. If you decide to bath soak, you should be very clear about how you will keep drinking afterwards.

So how do you choose the best all-natural bath salts? First and foremost, you want to choose products that offer high concentrations of both sodium and magnesium. Often, bath salts contain only one or the other, with very little in between. For best results you should combine both sodium and magnesium in equal proportions to get the best benefits.

The second thing to look for is whether the bath salts contain essential oils. A good brand will have a wide variety of essential oils from which to choose, but you want to be sure that they are all natural. Although essential oils can be somewhat soothing, they can also cause irritation and, if combined with other substances, can actually cause serious side effects. Look for bath salts that are made with pure, organic essential oils.

There are bath sea salts on the market today that claim to provide muscle pain relief. Unfortunately, it is not likely that any of these bath salts will have any therapeutic value. The reason is that bath sea salts do not have the ability to absorb moisture, which means that they do not have any effect on swelling or inflammation. Table salt, on the other hand, is a very good absorbent. If you suffer from muscle pain, try using table salt on the affected area.