Many people enjoy winter hunting trips but for a better experience, you should have the best quality hunting gear or equipment. Apart from this, you should also have knowledge of harsh winters. You can help yourself by using army surplus equipment and supplies. In this article, you will get to know some ways to avoid mistakes while using army surplus gears.  If you want to purchase the best army surplus online, visit


Do not begin your trip without obtaining cold-weather clothing for winter survival. You are able to choose field coats, Paracas, Gore-Tex fabric items, or thermal underwear. Check that army surplus clothing fits you before leaving for your hunting trip.

Never leave the cottage without supplying MRE packets, just in the event of an unexpected snowstorm. You'll nourish yourself with convenient food. You will also improve your body temperature since you will burn energy.

Don't leave your hunting knife when you are not using it. Hypothermia has been proven to increase blood loss. If you cut yourself, you will pay the purchase price through extreme blood loss.

When you've got a second carrying device, keep away from the gear sticking in your pocket. A tool or utility belt works well for keeping everything in a single central site. Afterward, when you bend you won't have to worry about losing the flashlight or departing your binoculars.

In case you have to await a storm, never catch with no covering in any way. A simple military surplus crisis survival sleeping bag will help keep you dry and warm. These bags come in little lightweight bundles, half of the size of a soccer match. The key issue to remember is that even in an icy landscape, you might not have potable water. Even in the event that you want to melt ice for water, you require a container for it.

Avoid moving on the trail without some kind of healthcare supplies. Learn how to use it before heading out. It's not easy to work with unfamiliar supplies whenever you are staggering from the cold.

Never leave your cabin without some source of artificial lighting, even in the event that you think that will only leave during the day. There may be something that will keep you away from the cabin. You'll require a flashlight, a lantern, or at least a flash to let others know where you are and what you are doing.