Digital Media Manager

A digital media manager, also referred to as Digital media manager, is an advertising professional who launches and develops marketing campaigns for digital channels via the internet. Digital media managers generally have a deep understanding of social media networks and online trends that they may use to assist their customers’ marketing efforts. Digital media managers work to optimize websites, blogs, social media profiles, and online advertisements to reach a targeted audience, as well as to increase company exposure. Most careers in the digital media manager career field focus on advertising agencies, but some jobs are available with other companies. Most positions require the completion of a graduate degree in Digital media, which prepares Digital media professionals to work with a wide variety of technologies.

Digital media manager

Digital media managers often work closely with a team of developers, designers, and advertisers. Their efforts include building a company’s online presence, optimizing websites, and using online media to expand a business’s customer base. In many cases, digital media managers will be involved in the design of a website, blog, or product. They may also be heavily involved in the creation of company-wide promotions and advertisements. Digital media managers are often required to plan and execute advertising campaigns, and they use analytical tools, such as data visualization tools, to facilitate the planning process.

Digital media jobs require a combination of technical skills and interpersonal skills. For entry level positions, a Digital media manager should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Digital media, which is usually a Bachelor of Arts in a related field. Graduates may seek employment at smaller digital media production companies, such as Production X, where they are hired as interns and given regular training on the job proper and more technical aspects of their work. These graduates should consider applying for jobs at larger companies that have internship programs. Digital media producers often work one to three years at a production house after graduation. After this time, most graduates seek employment in an agency, marketing, or creative department.

Digital media managers should be familiar with analytics software, social media networks, and web analytics. This combination of knowledge and skills allows the manager to analyze digital media campaigns, client performance, and social media usage. The ability to analyze data using analytics tools and software helps make decisions that will impact a business.

Digital media managers should have excellent leadership and management skills. The manager should set high standards for themselves and their staff, which can be emotionally demanding. Digital media manager should be able to lead by example, and set expectations for their staff that are both professional and achievable. Most managers enjoy working with creative and innovative people, so individuals seeking a career as a manager should ideally have good interpersonal skills and a passion for social media.

Digital media managers should understand how to use analytics software, but they do not need to be computer specialists. Digital media managers are mostly internet marketers. Digital media managers are usually very detail oriented and communicate through email, text, phone calls, and informal meetings. Digital media managers should know how to use Google Analytics and have good communication skills.

Digital media managers at a large advertising agency will work as part of a team, which will be led by the manager’s direct supervisor. Digital media managers may report directly to the marketing agency’s president. In smaller agencies, the digital media manager may report directly to the creative director. Digital media managers must be highly organized and detail oriented. They will spend a lot of time working with analytics software, but may communicate more indirectly with clients.

Digital media managers at a popular ad agency enjoy a challenging job with flexible hours. Digital media managers at this kind of agency may be expected to handle all aspects of advertising sales, marketing, social media marketing, website design and development, print and online promotions. Digital media managers must be detail oriented and able to communicate effectively.